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Testing acrossapplications

Web application, Mobile sites and Mobile app testing

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Digital commerce experiences constant change with every event, season, promotion or new product introduction, the business scenarios are dynamic with offers, coupons, banners, credits and newer payment options, all these needs continuous software testing.

Engage the experts in Test Automation. Automated testing
for over 20+ leading fashion and retail brands

User experience

Ensuring All Aspects Of Digital Commerce Applications Are Covered Completely

With algoQA, over a 100,000 Test Cases generated with Automated Test Scripts and over 2500+ defects found for leading eCommerce brands.


Introduce new features faster with continuous testing.
Test your application across all features of:    

Shopping cart and wishlist

Checkout and Payment

Product search for multiple keywords

Order placement and status

Shipping and delivery

Loyalty programs



Eliminate errors that result in higher bounce rates and revenue bleed. Improve user experience, thus increase Conversion. Check content changes and leverage massively scalable testing with algoQA on cloud. Test all this and more:

Updates on discounts, offers, promotions and banners

Product updates


Product and stock availability


Google Tag Manager Events Triggering

Cron Job Testing, CRO Impact Assessment


Do not let your website/application crumble under peak user load or large volumes of transactions. Measure site performance for workflows and features quickly and accurately:

Order placements

Checkout and payments

Order status

Product searches

Product Detail Page and updates

Product listings


We Helped A Well-known Online Retail Jewellery Brand With Test Automation Resulting In A 3x Sale During The 2020 Akshay Trithiya

The customer is a popular online jewellery brand, catering to developing, designing and retailing contemporary jewellery through a mobile and web platform. Conversion was a challenge as it is a online only store. The customer used to conduct manual testing and were trying to move towards automation. They had hired couple of automation engineers for automation, but the coverage was minimal. The customer was going for tech upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2 and wanted all functionalities to be intact. Page load time was very high, posing to be another challenge to be resolved.

This is where algoQA came in and the magic happened!

We were contracted to help them with test automation for their website covering both the web application and the mobile sites. We leveraged algoQA, and in 4 weeks, we completed the test automation for all aspects of Thumbnails, Promo Code, Offers, Banners, Product Catalog and Chat, covering the full application, including custom test scenarios. With 9000 test cases generated, 100,000 test steps covered, and 200 defects captured, we ensured a 100% test coverage saving 80% testing and test automation costs.

We also covered monitoring 24/7 and automated the tracking of CRON jobs. Google events triggered in time so that they have accurate analytics. Pagespeed time was reduced from the very high 15 seconds to a quick load time of 7 seconds.

“A day will come when Google and Microsoft will take notice of you! You are changing the way software is tested”

– CEO –

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algoQA for Retail

With heavy competition and tight profit margins, there is zero tolerance for errors. Issues with applications across e-Commerce, Point of Sale, In Store applications, Inventory or Order Management can hurt user experience. This is where we come in.

algoQA helps the retail brick-and mortar stores as well as their e-Commerce on-line businesses with Testing and Test Automation. The applications tested include various applications like In-Store Applications, Order Management, Inventory application, Point-of-Sales, Omni-Channel customer support applications, Warehouse Management Applications, and Logistics applications.

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