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Anyone Can Automate Testing With algoQA

In this digital age, products require refresh in short order. Companies are under tremendous cost-and-time pressure to bring out a product and want to shorten the go-to-market cycle to a couple of quarters, between ideation, market testing and product release. Faster time-to-market with no compromise on quality & reliability, at a lower cost, is the need.


It’s just a click of a button. All it takes is profiling the application, algoQA does the rest!
No setup time, no setup costs, higher test coverage, greater accuracy.


Drag & drop, and wizards driven application profiling. Auto-generation of optimal number of test cases written in Gherkin language (GWT) along with datasets


Auto-generation of production grade test scripts

Schedule and Execute

Schedule Test Execution, Collect Results, and Publish Reports & Dashboard

Orbit Shifting Innovation

Generated & Automated


Test cases

Customer ranging from $5 million to $100 million to Multi-billion Fortune20 companies


Test steps have been automated

For a Medical Devices customer, valid 64,000+ Test Cases & test scripts as opposed to 1500 test cases in the manual test plan


Coverage through Automation

Powering 20+ brands in digital commerce. Customers with over            1 million visitors online per month

Automated Testing across Browsers, Devices and OSs


valid defects caught through automated scripts


Automated Monitoring, Going beyond Engineering

Better. Faster. Cheaper. Inherently Scalable


Test Coverage & Accuracy through Automation


Optimize and automate testing by leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Standardized and optimized test cases

Production-grade test scripts

Easy to use and reliable platform


Test Automation Cycle Time Saved


Shorter Go-To-market & Enhanced productivity

Rapid Testing – thousands of test cases and executable scripts are machine generated, within minutes


100X Faster

Integrate with CI-CD to accelerate testing for DevOps


Test Automation and Test Maintenance Cost Saved


Enables clients to keep pace with the digital economy

Higher ROI

SaaS based

End-to-End Automation and Continuous Testing

Seamless Integration Across Multiple Tools & Environments

Multiple IDEs
Multiple UI Controls
SCM and more
Modern web technologies
Windows desktop apps platforms
Web services
Supports ALM and other tools
Page Loading
Team collaboration
CI/CD supported
Runs on any cloud
Multiple Reporting Formats
OS Independent

and Headless Browsers

Multi-browser support

(Supports on-premise or cloud deployment)

Solutions Across Industries

Digital Commerce

Digital commerce experiences constant change with every event, season, promotion or new product introduction, the business scenarios are dynamic with offers, coupons, banners, credits and newer payment options, all these needs continuous software testing.

Engage the experts in Test Automation. Automated testing
for over 20+ leading fashion and retail brands.

Medical Devices

Medical devices operate in highly regulated spaces that need strict compliance and still meet aggressive product cycles for New Product Introductions (NPI). In order to release the system into the market, companies have to test at system and sub-system level.

With algoQA, improve coverage and accuracy of testing,
helping businesses deliver a high-quality, error-free product.

Customer Testimonial

“AlgoShack team has helped us automate our testing process in a short period of time. Their consistency and dedication to work is really appreciated.“ – Leading retail chain offering wellness and personal care products.

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Elaborate coverage of 3rd party devices’ testing in a multi-brand market place environment, providing multi-browser support for desktop and mobile apps

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