algoQA is a platform with end-to-end automation, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

ABSTRACTION is our differentiator.

Single Platform

Covering UI Based Functional Test Automation, API Test Automation and Load Test Automation

Technology Agnostic

Supports multi-language scripting, seamless working across ALM, multiple reporting formats to choose from

All Type of Applications

algoQA covers Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Apps, Hybrid Applications, Robotic Process Automation and Embedded Software

Optimize & Automate Testing By leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Auto-coding and no scripting
Leverages AI where it matters
Near 100% test coverage & accuracy

Shorter Go-To-Market
Enhanced Productivity

Thousands of test cases & executable scripts
Machine generated, within minutes
100X faster, saves 80% cycle time

Rapid Test

Up to 80% of testing & test automation and test maintenance cost saved
SaaS based, higher ROI

Re-Imagine Testing with algoQA

algoQA is a testing platform that produces optimal number of test cases written in Gherkin language along with datasets, and executable test scripts. All it takes is a simple profiling of application under test using Drag & Drop and  Wizards. Profiling is easy, domain intuitive and quick. You don’t need to write the Test Cases manually.

Auto – coding and Self-learning form the heart of the platform. The platform saves up to 80% of testing, test automation & test maintenance cost, enhances coverage and reduces business risk


Profiling the Application

The Profiler is designed to make every user’s testing journey quick and easy. Profiling is domain intuitive and is driven by Drag & Drop and Wizards. Profiling is highly flexible, scalable and requires no customization.

Once you have profiled your application, it is just a click of a button; optimal number of test cases written in Gherkin language are generated along with datasets.


Machine generated Executable Test Scripts are delivered within minutes.

Supports multi-language scripting. To highlight a few:

  • Desktop Application: Python Squish, Python Sikuli, Python LTDP
  • Web Application on Desktop: C# - Selenium, C# Test Left,
    Java – Selenium, Java Selenium Grid, Python Selenium
  • Web Application on mobile device: Python Selenium,
    Python Appium
  • Mobile Apps: Python Appium

Schedule & Execute

algoQA has the capability to schedule test execution, collect results, and publish reports and dashboards. You can schedule execution locally or remotely, sequentially or in parallel, now or later.

algoQA supports multiple reporting formats such as Allure, Nunit, SpecFlow, Junit, TestNG and Custom.

Reports are produced in various formats, with screenshots, URLs, video clips. algoQA supports alerts by email and one can configure reports for issues separately.

Test Authoring

Quick And Easy

No record and play, just drag & drop

algoQA leverages 5th generational automation framework and involves no record and play. Profiling is the only manual intervention required.

Keep pace with changes in the application

Any change in the application can be configured seamlessly in the Profile. Any feature/functionality that was not envisaged at the time of design, can be incorporated in real time.

Readable test cases

Test cases produced follow Gherkin language, which is simple to interpret and understand, thereby bringing in objectivity and transparency. The test cases comply with Behavior Driven Development(BDD).

Machine generated datasets

Data is generated, and combinatorial datasets are formed by algoQA. Bulk uploading of test data is also possible.

Executable Test Scripts

Machine Generated. No Scripting Whatsoever

Multi-language scripting

Test scripts can be created in multiple languages based on the application under test and your tech policy. Selenium, Appium, Squish, TestLeft and many more are made easy!

High script quality

The scripts produced comply with code de-duplication and reuse requirements, for code quality and coverage

Easy maintenance of scripts

Scripts are produced by way of Auto-Coding. They are written in commonly accepted programming/scripting languages so they can be maintained without algoQA platform.


Detects objects automatically and maintains optimal number of objects. The need for locators is also reduced, addressing flakiness & adding to auto-healing. algoQA supports auto-binding of elements as well.

Stable test start

Auto-close existing tabs at the start of each test to ensure the same state each time a test is run.

Embedded pages & handle tab behaviour

algoQA supports frame-switching. And also, easy to profile multiple menus and multiple tabs.

Machine Learning Use Cases

Optimize Regression Suite and many other use cases leveraging ML.

algoQA Has More To Offer!!


algoQA supports version controlling, and forward & backward traceability.

ALM integration

algoQA supports integration with application lifecycle management tools such as JIRA, Zoho, Swift ALM, Helix ALM, OneOPs and many others.

Log defects

algoQA helps you to review an issue and log defect effortlessly in your defect tracking system.

API and UI integration

algoQA supports integration of API tests and DB queries within UI test automation.


Scan multiple pages for speed, all at once, at the click of a button.

CRON jobs

You can track whether CRON jobs got triggered in time and completed the job successfully.

End-To-End Testing Just A Few Clicks Away

Tests can be executed locally or remotely, sequentially or in parallel, now or later. Simultaneous tests can be performed across devices, covering for interactions across different roles acting on the same application. Concurrent users can be simulated for load testing. algoQA also integrates API and                   DB Query into functional tests. algoQA makes test execution faster.

Test cycles supported

Smoke Testing

Regression Testing

Release Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Performance Testing

Load Testing

Extent of software testing supported

Component testing

E2E customer journeys

API Testing

ETL Testing

Security Testing

Our Platform Covers Test Automation

UI based Testing

Tests the workflow and User Experience

API Testing

Test cases and test scripts with datasets are generated.

ETL Testing

Automated ETL testing for data validation

Load Testing

Check your application’s performance under peak load conditions

Security Testing

Based on OWASP model, covers vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Performance Testing

Test system attributes for speed, stability, reliability & scalability

Our Platform Covers Test Automation

Web Applications

Across multiple browsers

Desktop Applications

For Windows and Linux

Mobile Applications

Android, iOS (Native apps and mobile web apps)

Hybrid Application

To lower upfront costs

Robotic Process Automation

To allow you to continue to innovate

Embedded Software

A game changer in the medical devices space

End-to-End Automation and Continuous Testing

Seamless Integration Across Multiple Tools & Environments

Multiple IDEs
Multiple UI Controls
SCM and more
Modern web technologies
Windows desktop apps platforms
Web services
Supports ALM and other tools
Page Loading
Team collaboration
CI/CD supported
Runs on any cloud
Multiple Reporting Formats
OS Independent

and Headless Browsers

Multi-browser support

(Supports on-premise or cloud deployment)

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